18 Aug

Tradesman I Recommend – Electrician Inner West

Major Electrical Work – Balmain Property

It can be a daunting task to source tradesmen that are reliable and do a great job at a fair price. In renovating a property in Balmain (N.S.W) we discovered that the houses wiring had degraded to such a point that there was a risk of electrical short circuits and potentially even a fire should the active and neutral wires accidentally touch due to degraded insulation on the 60 plus year old wiring  in the loft space. The wiring was “stapled” to the timber rafters in the loft and in many places the insulation had literally dropped away revealing bare copper wires carrying 240 v.a.c. voltage – a dangerous proposition.

We called in James a licensed electrician at Electrician Inner West who are based in Leichhardt and do all ‘household’ electrical work as well as commercial work. They are experienced and fully insured and have excellent customer feedback. The work involved was not only rewiring but a full electrical refurbishment and upgrade. The scope of the electrical work included:

  • 4 new telephone sockets in various rooms installed
  • ADSL / Foxtel outlets in all rooms
  • all mains 240 volt cable replaced. This included lighting circuits, power points, wiring to switchboard and wiring in roof
  • new switchboard with r.c.d. ‘safety switches’ installed
  • Clipsal C-Bus energy management and lighting control system installation
  • light dimmers in all rooms
  • l.e.d. lights and wall lights installed
  • smoke detectors installed in all bedrooms, hallways and living areas
  • Clipsal SILC downlights were specified

Electrical Work Schedule

This is obviously a very extensive electrical upgrade to any property and the work took around 3 weeks to complete. The Clipsal SILC down lights are an amazing technology.

 Intelligent l.e.d. downlight system

Clpisal Intelligent l.e.d. downlight system

Developed in Australia the system allows you to control the lighting via your smartphone or tablet. It is a very energy efficient system and has proven to be a winner in terms of adding ‘luxury’ as well as value to the home.

Data Ready. The electricians installed internet and data cabling so access for foxtel, internet, wifi and audio is available in all rooms in the house (bar the toilet – we stopped there!) making the house ‘data ready’!. Power outlets included in most location an integrated USB mech option. These are essentially your ‘bog standard’ power outlets but with a usb charger socket built into them. The electricians advised that they also offer energy saving benefits.

Outdoor Lighting

James installed security lighting, again, high efficiency, around the property and ran low voltage cabling via buried conduit throughout the garden beds to allow installation of magical garden bed l.e.d. miniature lights – fantastic! Clipsal, again, were specified as their

the clipsal wall lights we used

the clipsal wall lights we used

range of products, in my opinion, is good not only in terms of quality but also specification and meets ‘architectural’ standards for ‘upmarket’ property renovations. We extnsively used their outdoor wall lights – link below.

Using the ‘right’ tradesmen, when renovating is critical. We were extremely happy with Electrician Inner West’s work and would recommend them to anyone in Sydney’s inner west needed a skilled electrical contractor or emergency electrician.

Clipsal outdoor lighting range: https://www.clipsal.com/Home-Owner/Products/Lighting/Outdoor-Lights

Clipsal Silc system: https://www.clipsal.com/Consumer/Silc/What-is-it

Clipsal Product Range