17 Aug

Number One Tips For Renovating In Sydney – 2106

Whether you are renovating your home or developing old properties for profit, my 16 years of renovating via the ‘school of hard knocks’ has taught me a few lessons worth passing on. You can save a fortune bu following these tips:

Tip One – Never Employ Kitchen or Bathroom ‘renovation’ Companies

You must have seen ads for a bathroom renovation saying ” new bathrooms from $16,000″ or “new kitchens from $18,000” – FORGET IT!

Part One – New Bathrooms

In my experience a modern, sleek bathroom renovation, assuming no change in plumbing location is required, should cost you no more than $8000! – YES, $8,000

How is this possible?? Here’s how:

  1. subcontract out all services – plumbers, electricians and tilers
  2. a good tiler can tile a bathroom for $1,000 – YES $1,000
  3. a plumber can plumb a new bathroom for $1,500
  4. a decent electrician can rewire a bathroom for around $900 depending on the lights, exhaust systems and heated towel rails you need
  5. new vanities cost $200 – $500
  6. bath tubs cost a measly $300
  7. shower cubicles cost $500
  8. tiles – well, an entire bathroom full of tiles, floor to ceiling can be your for less than $400 – YES, $400

bathroom renovation

In part 2 we look at the in’s and out’s of saving tens of thousands of dollars on that new kitchen or bathroom and how to find a good tiler, plumber or sparky.